What we do

Confused about what training you need? 

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Food Safety Certificate (ServSafe-Managers) - $195 Per Person    
Also known as the "ServSafe Certificate" is a full day of training with lots of breaks. Test is offered at the end of the day, if you are not ready to take the test you can study on your own, or go to another training and take the test when you are ready for no additional charge. *Cost covers a free retest if you don't pass the first test.

Bring your own computer and you can get results on the SAME DAY! - No extra charge!

If you have more then 5 people for training we can come to you!

Re-Certification Training (ServSafe-Managers) - $125 Per Person   
If you have already been through the training and need to renew your certification and you wish to have a bit of a refresher then this 4 hour day is for you. 

If you have more then 8 people we can come to you!

Just the Test - $75 Per Person    
You know what you are doing and want to just take a proctored exam.

Allergen Certificate - Limited Time Only $15

New requirement for Michigan 2017. 5 year certificate, 2 hour training that can be done anywhere you have a computer. 

Food Handlers Card - $20 Per Person   
It is the responsibility of the Food Protection Manager to train what was learned in this class. We still teach it if your operation still requires it.

It is a 3 year certificate so you no longer have to come back every year!

Specialized Training- Call for prices
Specialized training that is developed just for your property. Some examples are Dock training, Farm Stand, Home, Knife Safety etc... If you want us to teach your staff something we can set up a training.

Inspections - Call for prices     
Would you like to know what your health inspector would find before they came in? Do you want to have the cleanest kitchen in town? We can help pinpoint trouble areas and come up with the solutions that you have always wanted.

S.O.P.'s (Standard Operating Procedures) - $20 each 
We know that opening a food service establishment is not what it used to be. We can assist you with the Plan Review, S.O.P.'s process along with communicating with the MDA or the Health Departments.

All Consulting - Call for prices 
If you need a quick consult or a complete overhaul. 

*Of course there's a catch, it's not that bad you can find out at class.